Suggestions For Using StyleStickers™

Return Incentives — Bring Them Back For More!

Your young customers will want to come to your salon                                                                             when you give them StyleStickers! Adding a unique,                                                                                never seen before look at the hair care industry,                                                                                StyleStickers offer fun and good humor for everyone.                                                                                   Return incentive programs including sticker books are                                                                            coming soon, so visit us often! For only pennies a                                                                                    sticker, StyleStickers are something all of your

customers and stylists will want to collect.


Reward a cooperative client with StyleStickers for their good behavior. Make them feel good about sitting still and doing a good job. Encourage even the wiggly customers!

Offer several stickers free, and give them the option to buy more if they wish. StyleStickers are fun for everyone, no matter what the occasion. Have fun handing them out to match services performed, such as getting moussed or gelled!


Little customers will pay more attention and cooperate if they know that a prize is coming their way, or is in their hand while getting a hair cut.

Calm an anxious child with a sticker to give him or her a smile.

Commemorate a special event

That all important first hair cut will be even more fun for a child and parent to remember with a colorful StyleStickers sticker attached near the clippings in the baby book! Coming soon will be first hair cut certificates, and more special occasion stickers.


Everyone likes fun and colorful stickers! Put them on your mailings, packages, and make them a part of your salon’s identity.


While it is the most fun, and encouraged to give out StyleStickers as rewards in your salon, you can also benefit from offering them as a product for sale at your receptionist desk to add to your profits if you like! We recommend resale at .50c per sticker!

Features of StyleStickers™

StyleStickers are a unique sticker product especially
designed for the hair care professional...

Some of their features are:

• To reward customers for their visit to the salon

• Designed to inspire repeat visits and customer loyalty

• To add a new and different incentive for youths to want to go to the salon that carries them

• Offer the client a tangible and collectible item to carry home with them, a very young child might be confused as to why they left some of their hair behind!

• Stickers are a proven effective recognition and advertising business tool

• For years teachers have used stickers to reward and inspire children

• The practice of rewarding and encouraging with stickers is tried and true with great success in the medical and dental professions

• They offer a diversion to an uncomfortable or difficult child

• Provide good cheer and commemorate special occasions, milestones and holidays

  1. They help mom or dad feel the salon welcomes their young customer

COMING SOON! More designs, baby's first hair cut certificates, holiday designs, reward programs, sticker and coloring books, greeting cards and more!

Age recommendation and warning:  StyleStickers™ are not a toy, and are recommended for children age 3 and above. They should be given with caution and never to a child who still puts things in his or her mouth.